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21-Aug-2020 05:01

Because at least those birds know how to make you happy, dammit. Talking about dating with your friends is great because you get to hear opinions you hadn’t considered and get advice from them based on their personal experiences.I should have trusted my gut because he went on to cheat on me again (this time I left).’ – Nina, 29 ‘My crush finally started talking to me on Whats App and I was nervous about what to say, so I asked my friend for advice.She told me I needed to play it cool, as though I wasn’t that into him, because this would make him way more into me.

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She told me to stay and work on things because he seemed to be really sorry.My instinct is still to put my needs last, which has either meant guys have taken me for granted and used me, or guys have gotten frustrated with my doting housewife-like attitude.Being in a relationship should be balanced and equal.’ – Naledi, 27 ‘When my boyfriend cheated on me, I was so hurt and embarrassed I couldn’t tell anyone except my best friend.They really, really don’t.’ – Gia, 25 ‘My mom always told me to “never go to bed angry” with your partner so I had always insisted that my boyfriend and I hashed things out before we fell asleep.

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One night he refused and it made me even more upset, but when we woke up we both felt way more level-headed about the fight and resolved it in a few minutes.Just because they’re your friends doesn’t mean their input is going to be valuable, however, and sometimes you kind of wish they had kept their (fake) pearls of wisdom to themselves.