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22-Aug-2020 13:52

Our sex life had slowed a little in the last few years but I felt that was to be expected, however in the last few months it had dropped to zero. We were each married previously and both had grown children. I still run with a slight limp and have to be careful and use a knee brace so I do not put too much strain on the knee when I play sports. I had asked her what the meetings were about and she said they were about the relationships between men and women in marriage.

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Finally, he said, "Mike, if Grace wants you to know anything she will tell you about it." "What? I considered him to be a mild mannered wimp, who was pussy whipped by Jan, Grace's sister. Tommy is the computer geek for the local FBI office.

Tuesday evening I was watching TV when Grace said she was off to her meeting. Let me fix us a drink and relax a minute then we can talk calmly about this without yelling at each other." "Fine! I looked at Grace, "I guess I was right about you or I wouldn't be tied up like this. I guess I am lucky I am still alive, or does that come later? If you keep your mouth shut you may learn something, for now just believe what she said, she does truly love you. We believe that the husband needs to be completely subservient to the wife." I wondered what in the hell she was talking about.