Who is katy tur dating

22-Aug-2020 10:36

(It went to Hallie Jackson, a Washington correspondent who covered Ted Cruz’s campaign.) Instead, Ms.Tur landed an afternoon hour, not quite prime time, replacing Thomas Roberts, who was moved to weekend mornings.“Do I miss going out and reporting? “I feel like it was ripped away from me a little too soon. I don’t see the anchoring thing as like me just sitting behind a desk and reading a teleprompter.Her cutting wit, which she underscores with a sharply raised eyebrow, comes through occasionally.When the White House press secretary Sean Spicer, on the receiving end of a barrage of questions, blurted, “You guys have an NBC thing,” Ms. It’s called journalism.”Though she spends hours talking about Mr. “I grew up with my mother hanging out of a helicopter.It’s the pressure of being on network television.”When I brought up her father’s remarks, Ms. After a pause, she disputed the accuracy of her father’s version and said that their rift had nothing to do with her father’s transition, and that they are speaking now.“We were not on speaking terms for a little while,” she said, “but that’s not because of the transition.”Later, from Asia, Zoey Tur emailed me: “About my transition, I demanded early on that my children accept what even I don’t fully understand myself.

They won awards for their scoops but were put in danger. Gerrard confirmed in a phone interview from Los Angeles.To escape death threats after the riots trial, they moved in with Katy’s grandparents, and Bob Tur started sleeping with a gun under his pillow.“There was a push and pull with my parents,” Ms. She mentioned business ups and downs, the death of Mr.