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As Public Relations Manager, she supervised global crisis management and handled media relations for 50 U. She is a member of the Georgia Bar and the Bar of the District of Columbia.Hatchett was a member of the National Football League’s Atlanta Falcons’ Board of Advisors, and served as a consultant to the National Basketball Association on pressing legal and social issues..Stevens forced him to commit an act of oral sodomy, then an act of anal sodomy, and then bound him with the microphone cord from the cab's CB radio and placed him in the trunk of the cab. Leaphart and Smith discussed the issues involved in each case and researched the law together. Alabama, 588 F.2d 436, 438 (5th Cir.1979) (ineffective assistance found where "[t]he law firm which served as counsel to Zuck in his murder trial also represented, in an unrelated civil matter, the state prosecutor who tried Zuck."); Fed. Further, the Supreme Court of Georgia, exercising its supervisory role over the Bar, has adopted a mandatory rule in death penalty cases that co-defendants must be provided with separate and independent counsel.

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As Senior Attorney, she represented Delta Air Lines in labor/personnel and antitrust litigation and commercial acquisitions. Hatchett has served on the Boards of three Fortune 500 companies – HCA, The Gap Inc. Hatchett left Delta Air Lines to accept an appointment as Chief Presiding Judge of the Fulton County (Atlanta, Georgia) Juvenile Court—becoming the first African-American Chief Presiding Judge of a state court in Georgia and head of one of the largest juvenile court systems in the country." and Botsford heard the reply from the trunk, "Yes, sir." Botsford's testimony at trial was that Stevens said he thought they should kill Honeycutt, but Burger disagreed, and Botsford tried to talk him out of it and thought he had succeeded. Although not physically present at Stevens' trial, Leaphart testified that "I worked then with--discussed the issues with Bob [Smith]. When they arrived back at Fort Stewart to deposit Botsford, Stevens and Burger seemed to him to have agreed to let the driver go and leave the cab beside the road. The Georgia Supreme Court has recently demonstrated that it will not allow the category of psychological abuse to become all-inclusive.8 In Phillips v. We therefore decide that a death sentence may constitutionally be imposed under Sec. The appropriate methodology for determining whether there has been effective assistance of counsel is to examine the totality of circumstances in the record. We researched the law together."2 Smith and Leaphart collaborated in preparing the briefs for both Burger and Stevens on each defendant's first appeal to the Supreme Court of Georgia; Leaphart testified that he "primarily" prepared the briefs for Burger and Stevens on the second appeal to the Supreme Court of Georgia.3 The fee received by each attorney for representing each client was deposited in the law firm's corporate account. She was pronounced dead at 2.22am and the autopsy ruled the cause of death was 'due to hemorrhagic shock due to acute hemoperitoneum' following the c-section.

The lawsuit filed by her husband is seeking damages for wrongful death and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

The mother-of-two was taken to surgery at 12.30am on April 13.'During surgery Kyira was found to have 3 liters of blood in her abdomen.