Virus updating address book

29-Jan-2020 15:53

1991 – Tequila Tequila was the first serious polymorphic virus; it came out of Switzerland and changed itself in major ways in an attempt to avoid detection.

1992 – Michelangelo, DAME, & VCL Michelangelo was the first media darling.

Also, in 1990, Mark Ludwig’s book on virus writing () was published. There were a number of malware attacks in the 1970s and some count these among the virus attacks. Note: There are endless arguments about the “first” virus.While there is no proof, hackers are suspected of taking down the AT&T long-distance switching system.

Based on the Vienna virus, the V2P1 (alias 1260) virus is sometimes considered to be the first polymorphic virus although the changes are minor.Some reports say Virdem was also found this year (it was presented to the underground Chaos Computer Club in Germany in December by Ralf Burger according to reports); it is often called the first file virus. (This virus evolved into the Jerusalem virus.) A fast-spreading (500,000 replications per hour) worm hit IBM mainframes during this year: the IBM Christmas Worm.

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