Validating user input

12-Aug-2020 02:48

I am almost done with this but there are 2 things that are stumping me in my code.

When I query a user for the test score, if the score is not within the 0-100 range, I want to not accept it and then tell them why and ask for another input.

Also I can't figure out how to get the letter grade to print, but I am not getting any error output so I think that I am on the right track. indentation Please try to be consistent with your indentation style. whitespace Be careful how you manage your whitespace.

I think that I could mainly use pointers on my while looping to check for the number being in the range of 0-100. When you read a book or a magazine or a web page, blank spaces are used to separate ideas - paragraphs, sections, etc.

The attributes are taken from the declaration of the model property being validated.

NET MVC is a powerful and effective framework for building maintainable and scalable web applications.

Validation rules can be specified on the model properties by using data annotations that derive from the Validation Attribute class.

I’ve created a validation sample implements validation using this approach, which can be found on Git Hub.

Instead, view models can delegate validation to the model objects they contain, with validation then being performed on the model objects.

Similarly, empty space should be used to separate your functions, or ideas within functions.

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