Validating php code

08-Feb-2020 02:53

Important JScript is Microsoft's implementation of ECMAScript, as defined by the specification of the European Computer Manufacturers Association.

Both Java Script and JScript are ECMAScript-compliant languages.

Note Front Page Server Extensions are a set of programs that provide access to special Front Page features, such as database processing, form processing, hit counters, and other built-in Front Page components that require server-side processing.

You can provide custom validation for your forms in two ways: server-side validation and client-side validation.

(16 printed pages) Introduction Getting Started Writing the Validation Script Connecting the Form to the Script Associating Form Fields with Custom Script Code Listing Conclusion When you create forms, providing form validation is useful to ensure that your customers enter valid and complete data.

For example, you may want to ensure that someone inserts a valid e-mail address into a text box, or perhaps you want to ensure that someone fills in certain fields.

You may assign any name you want that is composed of alphanumeric characters (without spaces), but to make writing the code easiest, you should provide a useful, friendly name for each of the fields.

However, client-side validation may not work in all instances.

A user may have a browser that doesn't support client-side scripting or may have scripting disabled in the browser.

When referring to Java Script in general, this article uses the generally accepted term "Java Script." However, when referring to documentation on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site, this article uses the term "JScript." Note The previous code specifies an e-mail address for the Action attribute of the form property.

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For more information, see ACTION Attribute | action Property and form property.

The validation script in this article returns a Boolean value that specifies whether the data contained in the form is valid. Variables are not required, but they make accessing each field easier.

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