Validating a model of patient satisfaction with emergency care

15-Jul-2020 22:55

(iii) With respect to services for which a physician is required to report information in accordance with subsection (c)(8)(B)(i), the Secretary may through rulemaking delay payment of 5 percent of the amount that would otherwise be payable under the physician fee schedule under this section for such services until the information so required is reported.

(b)Before November 1 of the preceding year, for each year beginning with 1998, subject to subsection (p), the Secretary shall establish, by regulation, fee schedules that establish payment amounts for all physicians’ services furnished in all fee schedule areas (as defined in subsection (j)(2)) for the year.

(ii) In applying clause (i) in the case of physicians’ services which are radiology services (including radiologist services, as defined in section 1834(b)(6)), but excluding nuclear medicine services that are subject to section 6105(b) of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989, there shall be substituted for the weighted average prevailing charge the amount provided under the fee schedule established for the service for the fee schedule area under section 1834(b).

(ii) Paragraphs (5), (6), and (8) of subsection (k) shall apply for purposes of this paragraph in the same manner as they apply for purposes of such subsection.