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Then it becomes a unique sweet/spicy but pleasing scent unique to this fragrance.I may be treading on toes here but it makes me think of a much (much much) sweeter version of Burberry London, one of the winter frag kings.He then takes two women back to his hotel for an afterparty.- The sprinter continues his party marathon, arriving at a club in a black cab with a mystery brunette wearing a revealing dress. mute datedoffensive noun noun: deaf mute; plural noun: deaf mutes 1.

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The fastest man in the world was spotted leaving his hotel with the woman wearing a revealing black dress that left little to the imagination and heading to a party.Knowing the desire of some women to wear men’s fragrances, it can be said that no woman would dare to wear Black XS despite of its soft and warm woodsy notes and even sweet notes of the drydown.