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01-Mar-2020 18:44

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A generic drug where the manufacturer's name or an abbreviation of the manufacturer's name is combined with the proper/common (non-proprietary) name is considered a brand name (e.g., Canada-Furosemide Tablets or Can-Furosemide Tablets where Canada is the manufacturer's name, Can is the abbreviation of the manufacturer's name and the product is furosemide).

The purpose of a brand name review is to assess a proposed name to determine if it could be misleading or confused with another authorized product for use in Canada with the aim of preventing medication errors.

A brand (proprietary) name is not essential to obtain a NOC/DIN for a drug submission.

An NOC/DIN can be issued under the drug's common/proper name.

Health Canada is committed to ensuring that such requests are justifiable and that decisions are clearly documented.

To provide market authorization holders direction on the process to be followed and information to be submitted to Health Canada regarding the potential for a proposed name to be misleading or confused with another product authorized for use in Canada with the aim of preventing medication errors.

Some examples include: Canada-Furosemide Tablets, Can-Furosemide Tablets (where Canada is the manufacturer and the product is furosemide).

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If a LASA brand name assessment is required at time of submission however is not provided, the will be notified.

Such errors can and do cause serious harm, up to and including death.

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