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In the UAE region in December 2nd 1971, United Arab Emirates was declared as a united, independent and sovereign state encompassing of seven emirates.Up through the end of the Second World War, pearling was a major trade, but after the war, and after the Japanese began creating cultured pearls, the pearling industry withered away.At maintained drilling levels, these resources could last for over 150 years. The French influence is most clearly demonstrated by the adoption of the civil law by most countries in the region similar to those in European states, rather than the common-law system in the UK.In addition to specific legal legislation covering agencies, company law, labor law, and intellectual property, the UAE has enacted civil and commercial codes.Although the system has led to the development of comprehensive and structured legal systems, they are rigid and inflexible to some degree, and they constitute the bureaucracy of regulation that is associated with countries in the Middle East region as a whole.The structure of the legal system is complex with both dual courts, Sharia courts and civil courts operating in parallel, but covering different areas of the law.The federal authorities of the State consist of the Supreme Council of the Federation, the Chairman of the Federation and his Deputy, the Cabinet, the Federal National Council and the Federal Judiciary Body.The Union represents a part of the great homeland bonded by the ties of religion, language, history and mutual destiny, as its people constitute an integral part of the nation.

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Arabic Language is considered the official language in United Arab Emirates whereas English Language is widely used as far as the commercial and economic domains are concerned. History of the United Arab Emirates The life of the ruling H. Sheikh Zayed bin Al Nahyan (The founder of the Union) was quite important in the history of United Arab Emirates and the Arab states.After oil prices rose significantly in 1973, however, the export of oil has been the dominant money maker for such states, accounting for most of its export earnings.

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