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06-Feb-2020 20:33

I personally went as far as setting up an Ubuntu Virtualbox on my Windows machine.

This took all Windows-related complications out of the equation, and meant I could casually wipe the whole drive and start all over again when things got complicated.

Many x Debug problems seem to come from tiny mismatches between the exact PHP release you use, and the exact version of x Debug you use.

If you simply downloaded the latest version xdebug, or if you got xdebug off a repository, this is probably part of your problem.

To resolve this problem we must remove the existing Glass Fish server from Net Beans and then add it back with a new location for the domain folder. Right mouse click on Servers and select Add Servers.

Begin by right mouse-clicking on the Glass Fish Server 4.1 and select Remove. You should now see: Select Glass Fish server and click on Next. To test that all is well right mouse click on Glass Fish Server and select Start.

Now, we have two solutions for Java 7 code coverage: Developers!

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Instructions on installing Debugclient are cunningly hidden right at the bottom of As for actually using it, there's almost nothing I could find on xdebug's own site, but there's good tips on the really helpful page Installing the XDebug Debugger - look under "Can I debug locally? The important thing is, if debugclient hangs on "Waiting to connect", it hasn't necessarily failed, it could be working and listening for a session from your browser.First, try to achieve the simplest possible x Debug set up: use the bundled command line client "debugclient" instead of netbeans, on localhost, debugging simple php code (e.g.