Updating adobe premiere 7

03-Oct-2019 12:13

You no longer have to play about with the activation of certain tracks on the left hand side.

The update makes the add edit function quick and easy to use.

The above video provides a fantastic overview of some of the new features in the update.

Here’s a break down of the featured updates: Improved add edit function This feature is one previously missed by FCP7 users.

You can now simply make a freeze frame within the timeline that doesn’t adhere to clip length.

Version 7.1 has just been released for Premiere Pro, boasting new features such as native Cinema DNG editing and seamless integration with Speed Grade.

I’ve had to use a work around for this in the past with FCP7, Involving enabling a 1 minute auto render and keeping all timelines active in your timeline window.

Direct link the Speed Grade In the above video, Josh quite rightly saves the ‘best feature ’til last’.

The latter point was the sole reason why I stopped using Apple Color; you lost any control over your cut points when you sent a timeline back to Final Cut.

The Speed Grade integration retains all features from before.

Just select the clip/s you want the command to apply and hit the shortcut.

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