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Hi there Dustin, If you do another rotation on the crankshaft the camshafts should line up.The guy skipped a step and for that reason when I went to loosen bolt on sprocket it rotated. To the right of it about 6 inches and down a little close to the flywheel is what I assuming is the Crank Sensor. It certainly doesn't serve a purpose on the outside of the block.So yes, remove the crank sensor and install the tool. Artem, one last question concerning my 1996 a4 2.8 12v.Does this motor not have a hydraulic tensioner or dampener? You tighten (step 6 of installation) part 2 and check belt tension between the passenger side cam sprocket and waterpump let me add that the bolt is missing that holds it in place and i see wear on a small metal piece that was left hanging on the slot where the pulley is supposed to be. Since there is no tension on the belt your power steering will be gone and your alternator will not work so your battery will not be recharging as you drive.

I highly recommend that you get the tools, especially if this is your first time doing this job.

The cams are aligned using the camshaft tool - no marks are used.

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