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11-Jan-2020 23:18

Because in energy terms, every time we have an angry or hurtful interaction with another, our energies get tangled up.And unless we untangle them by forgiving and releasing, we’ll have a very complicated web of hurt stuck in us and around us.* Remember that you are not condoning the negative behavior or pattern – you’re simply releasing it so it’s not in your space hurting you anymore.The more we judge, the more we engage our energy with others, and their issues can “stick” to us.

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Since twin flames share the same one soul resonance and vibrate at the same frequency, their energetic flow makes them telepathic and emphatic with each other and enables them to intuitively know what the other is feeling, desiring or thinking.

I was reminded that our Western World both today and for centuries has focused on non-forgiveness, holding onto resentment and conflict. On the Twin Flame Journey, these value perceptions and core beliefs around what it means to be an admirable and “strong” person, are subconsciously sabotaging our efforts to forgive and to let go of the very things that are bringing us pain.

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