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09-May-2020 12:43

There was one thing that she promised in return, though – the experience would change my life for ever. There’s no time for easing me in; the first week starts as the others will continue, with an average of three hours’ training a day (a morning and evening session to fit around my work), six days a week, spent doing a mixture of sprints, weights, punching the bag and pads, full-contact sparring classes and one-to-one sessions with Cathy.

I realise very quickly that this is going to take me to places I’ve never been to before.

This is where hours of repetitious training, especially the night-time rounds of sparring when already exhausted from earlier hours of exercise, come into their own and save me from meltdown. Apparently not, but I haven’t lost either; at tonight’s event, London Calling, the fights are ‘no contest’ (there are no official winners or losers) and the referee actively discourages knockouts.

Previously I might have welcomed such a sporting attitude (‘I don’t want anybody to go home a loser,’ says Dominic), but tonight I am frustrated.

On the one hand there is much positive feeling among my sportier friends, or those who come out of the woodwork as having a secret penchant for the sport.Because boxing isn’t just about sky-high fitness levels,it’s also about fighting.

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