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18-Oct-2019 07:33

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Dating and being successful with women may be Taboo to the general public, but the knowledge is greatly needed nowadays in a time of divorce, kids growing up without fathers, and people hooking up for all the wrong reasons.

Troy Dizon will always be an excellent reason for men who need that knowledge and are willing to go through the changes that accompany it.

With the conveniences of technology and influences of female opinion, the next generation of men are really not as manly as they were decades ago.

So, here are some tips from the old school to keep you wired to what it means to be a man, and hopefully you'll become a better man in how you carry yourself, a better man in your relationship, and a figurehead in your community.

Published: August 20, 2010 You might think that having a guy friend of yours is the best partner in crime for tonight, but let me say this: we've got a BETTER option for you: A Wingwoman.

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All due to a system of having the social awareness, cutting edge communication techniques, lifestyle design concepts, and a continuously growing pool of other 24/7 Attractive Men for support at his disposal.

Wingwomen play the same role as their male counterparts, but often have a batting average that's much higher at helping you pick up women.