Trex dating sim

31-Jan-2020 05:54

Create havoc of the Jurassic era and win all levels Horrifying dino are always angry, hungry and look for a prey to devour.Crash and destroy all the things around you with your scary jaws & widemouth because you are very huge bloodshed dino.

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★★★Game Features★★★ Epic Battles - Use your powerful jaws, ferocious roar, and swift speed to catch a tasty snack and fight.

Exciting beer pushing game show, will give you perfect experience.

Push the mug as far as possible, but do not let it drop down.

★ Free and Career Mode Explore the huge city map with your giant 3D Dinosaur.

Be sure and look around in all the corners and uncover all the map secrets.

Family members are not only good companions but they can be trained to fight along side in combat REAL DAY AND NIGHTTyrannosaurus Rex Sim features a real in-game cycle of day and night on a 24 hour based time system.