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15-Feb-2020 18:13

If the dog (male or female) is neutered in an attempt at correction, environmental/behavioural alterations are also advisable.

It should go without saying that the owners must not allow or encourage further sexual mounting.

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Dog humping, often embarrassing, occasionally humorous, but mostly an unwanted behaviour that many a dog owner would like to stop. Let's see if we can offer a solution on why dogs hump and, more to the point, how to stop dogs humping.This is the time when reproductive hormones are starting to reach adult levels, and some dogs go a little bit crazy.And dogs are always trying to prove that they're tougher than the next guy. Others do it by putting their feet on another dog's back.The longer they get away with it, the more powerful they feel.

Humping usually starts during a dog's adolescence - between 6 months old and 2 years old - depending on the breed.

Don't be too quick to rush your dog to the vet as a shortcut to curing a behavioural problem. Behavioural problems require behavioural intervention. Rewards should be friendly and brief, no longer than a few seconds.