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13-Jan-2020 09:26

In order to fully benefit from a massage, a two-hours session is recommended.

Traditional Thai Massage is a therapeutic practice and not to be confused with a soapy massage (“body massage”) which can more precisely be described as an erotic body-to-body massage using loads of soapy water.

While a traditional Thai masseur/masseuse usually won’t make use of oil, except for perhaps some Tiger Balm oil, oil massage (softer and less “painful” but also less effective) and variations like aromatherapy or “herbal massage” are also available in most massage parlours, however at slightly higher prices.

At the beginning of a massage session, which usually lasts an hour or two, the massage recipient will change into loose and comfortable pyjama-like clothes and lie down on a mat or firm mattress on the ground.All you have to do essentially is name the number of the lady you fancy, and she’ll jump out of her “fish bowl” and join you.In some parlours, you may have a drink and chat with a girl before making your final choice; in other (more Asian-oriented) venues, you can’t.After you’ve made your choice, your massage girl will take you to a private air-conditioned room on the upper floors of the massage parlour.

Depending on the standard of the venue, some rooms are equipped with private bathrooms and relatively luxurious; others aren’t.A “soapy” is probably better described as a sensual body-to-body massage. The basic idea is that you get a full massage of your body, lubricated with lots of soapy water and culminating in a round of physical exercises on the mattress; in other words: sex.

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