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Another chain style hotel though this chain hotel is girl friendly, I think if you want to keep business in an area like Nana then you have to be girl friendly and not charge extra or guys are never going to stay with you again.I think the owners of the Ibis Nana hotel intentionally made the name similar to the world famous Nana Hotel to cash in on it.These hotels allow you to take girls back at no extra charge.Some even have their own soapy massage you can take advantage of.Not very personal but they don't ask questions when you bring a lady friend home either. If you want to try the best bed in Bangkok you must stay here.For more information or to book a hotel room click here. It has the best bed you'll ever sleep on in your life and that's no joke. Even if you like something more budget you have to stay here it's awesome.I've never stayed here but the rooms are supposed to be absolutely massive good for entertaining a few ladies in Bangkok.The Glitz hotel looks really swank from the outside as it does on the inside, it's not outside of the budget and comparable to other Bangkok hotels in the area, apparently at this hotel the rooms are all different so good for repeat travel. For more information or to book a hotel room click here.

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Not really my style but if you like familiarity and safety it's a good place to go.

echo adrotate_ad(42, true, 0, 0); For repeat travellers to Bangkok your sure to know the complexes of Nana Plaza and the alley way of Soi Cowboy.