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15-Aug-2020 22:51

Totally fun stuff, but my passion actually lies more with entertainment and theme park design. I'm a very committed person when it comes to getting things done and working out....About Guys I Want To Meet: I'm looking to meet guys that are built and toned, but not so much a huge mass of muscle.Seriously looking to relocate and live with someone in summer of 2016 or 2017.0D $.post("About Me: Currently working for Target Corporate running a virtual reality program.

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I enjoy understanding people and things better - including myself. About Guys I Want To Meet: I am looking for other muscular men its what i am attracted to a nice butt helps alot my favorite!

Intelligence, strength, confidence, and drive are qualities I appreciate in a man. I'm in good shape, a non-smoker and healthy -- and I'm hopin...