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26-Mar-2020 00:17

Mr Smith told parents in a letter that would not tolerate “the indiscipline, the disrespect, the bullying the truancy and the lack of parental support”.

Now, a series of behaviour rules in an internal document at the school have been revealed - an approach which the trust says is key to improve both behaviour and results.

If you were denied aid or treated unfairly, the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corp.

Great Yarmouth High School became the Great Yarmouth Charter Academy at the start of August, having been taken over by the Inspiration Trust.

A new principal was announced after the high school received the lowest GCSE results in the county in the summer, with just one in three pupils achieving a pass in English and maths.

We all know children say things like that to get out of work. The rules are likely to leave parents divided - with many in support of a tough new system, and others concerned.

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You never pretend to be ill to get out of work because we expect you to work through it. Kelvin Seal, who set up the Facebook group for worried parents, said some children had been left in tears on their first day.

“No-one is against discipline at the school – I am quite a strict parent and I do think the school needs discipline, but I was shocked to see the children crying on their first day,” he said.