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And while the companies are not working directly with each other to develop the technology, each says that it is committed to an open standard approach to make the interconnectivity of routes built by their competitor possible.For hyperloop to actually become a fifth mode of transport, and not just a fragmented ecosystem of competing transport companies, this cooperation is essential.He expects to add more countries to the list as interest in the technology continues to increase.In comparison, Virgin Hyperloop One is currently working with four countries — India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the US — and is aiming to have the first phase of a commercial system built by 2021.Quay Valley was meant to be a model for 21st Century living, with construction set to start in 2016.However, two years after Mr Ahlborn’s promise to deliver a hyperloop by 2018, planning permission issues saw the development terminated.This is one of the reasons why the UAE is such an attractive prospect for both hyperloop companies, according to Richard Geddes, a professor of policy at Cornell University and co-founder of the Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership (HARP).“Not only does the country boast vast wealth and a relatively flat landscape, the nature of the government means big projects can be implemented quickly and efficiently,” Professor Geddes told .

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It may be several years before we see a hyperloop system carrying its first passengers, but it already faces significant criticism.Transport blogger Alon Levy, who wrote a widely shared blog criticising Musk’s original Hyperloop idea, has described hyperloop in various posts as “a barf ride” that displays “indifference to civil engineering costs.” It will be in the desert separating Abu Dhabi and Dubai where we will find out if these challenges can be met.

Armed with a pretentious sense of self-righteousness and a can-do attitude, the two bright-eyed youngsters created their website, named "nupedia.com". Instead of learning from their mistake, though, Wales and Sanger decided to go the AIG route, and rename their idea while making no real changes to it.… continue reading »

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