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27-Mar-2020 06:16

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Wen I first red the storyline it sounded lame to me. The leads are two mature adults, I understand, but when the first episode is ending with them literally having just met and an OST in the background going 'I love youu...' the relationship is hard to take seriously.

I just ignored when I ran out of dramas to watch I just had to give it a try and it turned out to be the best drama the second leads the most drama is flawless no error ts just 10000000000%perfect The best drama ever!!!!!!! However, apart from romantically, I am finding the plot interesting enough to carry on.

The music was wonderful, the acting (with the 4 leads) were outstanding, the cinematography was gorgeous, the storyline was filled with very interesting ideals done in a great and wonderful way, and the romance felt just so real.

Yeah there were cheesy moments, but the relationships themself were just so undeniably real.

I hate romance stories in kdrama's because they literally go no where until the last few episodes of the drama.

Then there's a love triangle, and also a cheesy romance when the romance actually does happen.

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Yes, there are scenes that are just there for comedy, but with the amount of scenes that are for the story, I think it makes up fine for it.

DOTS however, starts the relationship and tests' it throughout the show.