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13-May-2020 11:14

Well, that sounds like a pretty awful waste of time if you ask me.

And yeah, sometimes it's all you can do to dissipate the awkwardness, but it doesn't have to be so meaningless.

That's not to say that you have to delve into an existential take on the meaning of life or anything, but there are definitely some nice ways you can avoid that small talk and walk away from that conversation feeling a little more fulfilled.

If they're asking you how your weekend was, the quickest way to turn small talk into a real conversation is to go beyond the boring, "it was good." Why was it good? So maybe you didn't run a marathon or get your hotline bling on with backstage passes to Drake's show.

A Netflix night in or even hours of staring at your blank Microsoft Word document can make for just as good conversation.

Definitely better than those automated generic answers.

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Like any well-seasoned military general, when navigating the field of social graces and witty banter, you must go in prepared so as not to be struck down by the awkward lull of a conversation.There you are, standing with this individual you may have just met — maybe you're waiting for your mutual friend to come back from the bathroom, or trying to gracefully fill awkward silences at a dinner party, or you may both be conveniently hitting up the coffee machine at work.