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08-Aug-2020 07:13

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To the outside world, she looked like your average schoolgirl and no one suspected a thing. He looked amazing, she was fit, and he was older than her, and a lot of young girls seem to like that.

But the shy and innocent schoolgirl had her dirty secret because after school she fucked her gym teacher. The sweet high school girl walks over to the corner, wearing a short skirt and her bookbag, and waits for her lover.

Her gorgeous fat ass was bouncing up and down while she rode him hard.

The cutie obviously doesn’t get the credit she deserves.He kept fucking her hard until, poumding her moist pussy hard and deep.The girl got down between his legs again and she sucked on his thick cock for as long as she could and then she made sure that his balls were licked properly, too.Her gym teacher ate her sweet pussy passionately and sucked on her clit while he did so.

The girl was moaning in pleasure but she wasn’t all serious about this entire thing and the tattooed cutie actually got a hold of his whistle he always had with himself and she blew it like she blew him beforehand.He came to a conclusion that he wasn’t disciplining her properly and he started licking her out better and harder, while he did so he fingered her as fast as he could to make sure that his little girl would cum as soon as possible.

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