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There is no standard definition of a STEM occupation.

For the purposes of this Quick Take, STEM incorporates professional and technical support occupations in the areas of life and physical sciences, computer science and mathematics, and engineering.

In 2016, women on corporate boards (16%) were almost twice as likely as their male counterparts (9%) to have professional technology experience among 518 Among young Canadians (aged 25 to 34) holding bachelor’s degrees in STEM fields, men were almost twice as likely to work in science and technology jobs as women in 2016.22 In the same year, women accounted for:23 In the European Union (EU-28), women accounted for less than half (42.2%) of tertiary education26 graduates in the natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, and information and communication technologies combined in 2015.27 The gender gap is especially wide in engineering, manufacturing, and construction.28 In 2016, women made up more than a third (40.1%) of scientists and engineers in the EU-28, an increase of more than 20% since 2007.31 Women are scarce in high-tech sectors.

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Some racial groups are more likely to intermarry than others.

Averaged across regions, women accounted for less than a third (28.8%) of those employed in scientific research and development (R&D) across the world in 2014.2 Women who start out in business roles in tech-intensive industries leave for other industries at high rates—53% of women, compared to 31% of men.5 Leave rates for women in science, engineering, and technology (SET) peak about 10 years into their careers.6 Work experiences impact women’s decisions to leave.