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she wil experience strong multiple vaginal penetration orgasms wit out clitoral stimulation. And also from then on she is no more clit dependend to achieve massive orgasms.Hi panties, There are a lot of possibilities with erotic hypnosis. I don't have trouble with orgasms at all, I can have up to 3 big ones back to back.This statistic comes not from just one study, but from a comprehensive analysis of 33 studies over the past 80 years by Elisabeth Lloyd in her fascinating book The Case of the Female Orgasm (Harvard University Press).Rounding things out: About half of women sometimes have orgasms during intercourse. If it's well lubricated and men don't plunge in before women feel ready, it can be great fun. But contrary to what many men and women believe-and see endlessly in porn-intercourse is not the essence of lovemaking.Great sex can be enjoyed well into the 70s and 80s.Contrary to the belief that sex declines after 40 and is less enjoyable for women after menopause, I would like to counter this belief.Even if it is for hours, and by sensitive and inventive individuals.Actually making ANY assumption about what a woman likes, without asking her, be it a huge dick, or a good tongue, or a lil' essin em is making a HUGE mistake...

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But some women don't like cunnilingus, and that preference should be respected.

They don't get it during intercourse because the clitoris is located outside the vagina and a few inches above it under the top junction of the vaginal lips.

Intercourse simply does not provide enough direct clitoral stimulation to allow most women to become aroused enough to have orgasms.

Many older couples decide they prefer sex without intercourse.

Younger lovers might also consider this erotic alternative.

My sex life became much better after 40 and is still going strong at 62. Because I practice Taoist sexual practices and disregard the Western ideas.