Sex chat stories with hot guys

14-Oct-2020 21:48

The tale of one of the many sexual adventures of a sissy cock slut.

We arrived at the club just as it was starting to get busy, heading straight for the bar to get a couple of drinks before hitting the dance floor.

After a couple of songs he offered to buy me a drink so we moved off the floor and found a place to talk.

After several minutes of trying to talk above the music, Brian (as I had found out his name was) suggested that we go somewhere a little quieter where we could talk.“Do you have somewhere in mind?

There were six of us in total, and we all finished our drinks and stepped out onto the floor as a group.

Needless to say, six hot young women dancing in a group was enough to get a lot of people’s attention. You can chat about anything you want, and they will do everything to turn you on and make you cum!