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Some users specify that they prefer to receive longer first messages.We recommend you writing a longer message if this occurs.5.Unfortunately the above example is only one - there are others that will not be disclosed in order to disuade circumvention of those filters and blocks. I am mentioning this in case your answer was not provided above. Cowboy Ok I've been sending message's back and fourth, but all of a sudden, for some reason there not getting through to this particular user. I sent myself a test email and I also emailed another user successfully. We seemed to be getting on great, but I'm not ruling out the chance that she may have connected with someone else. You are being blocked by our spam filers for sending the same message to numerous users, or are using potentially bad language.If this happens your profile may temporarily be restricted from sending new messages.3.Do not use more than 6 Numbers together such as Dates (1998-2003) even if separated by Spaces, Dashes, Periods, Parenthesis, Commas, etc.Do not use Banking Terms, such as "Account", "Bank", "Transfer", Profanities or sexual Terms, the Names of Hosting Sites, Names of certain blocked Countries such as Nigeria, India, Russia, or anything else that could reasonably be expected to catch the Eye of the Site's Spam/Scam Filters. 7,800 Characters Do not use the --- @ Symbol, non-resolvable Character Encodings, Unicode, Chinese or anything else the System Filter does not recognize in your Message.You cannot block that in your Mail Settings what is also indicated in the Looking For Field in your Edit Profile You, or the intended E-Mail Recipient, or both have a missing or incorrect Postal Code Profile Entry, esp.a "75 Mile" Contact Restriction Limit in either's Mail Settings.

You have made Reply to an existing E-Mail in your Inbox, but changed the Recipient in the To: Field of a User who has his/her Profile hidden, and does not have you on his/her Favourites List.

More than (40) Forty 'First Contact' E-Mails per Day.

Do not enter any Telephone Numbers, or anything else that the Spam Filter may construe as a Telephone Number.

Your Browser's User Agent is concealed, corrupt or indicates the Presence of Malware, Trojan or Viral Infection. Why can't I send any messages all of a sudden, message disappears like its sent but it doesn't show up in sent msgs, also I can edit my profile it doesn't come up when click to edit it nothing does. ^^^ As stated in numerous other threads be sure that you are not tripping the filters. The recipient has mail settings restricting you from contact.

A User's Profile was deleted, but not the actual User Account, resulting from massive Errors generated by a User trying to rig the Voting System utilizing automated Bots or other similar Types of Abuses. There will also be unpublished filters put in place by the Admin for proprietary reasons, such as a high Percentage of E-Mail blocks or a high Contact-to-Complaint Ratio, etc. POF will quarantine some new accounts they deem suspicious for some reason. There may be restrictions you cannot see listed on their profile.2.Since Mail Settings are hidden from View, Contact Restrictions can not be determined.

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