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23-Mar-2020 03:15

Unfortunately, tensions began to rise as the star of the show, Charlie Sheen, began a hugely public squabble with the creator of the show, while battling his own personal problems.

Although his character was replaced by Ashton Kutcher, the damage had already been done.

In fact, she had already landed herself leading roles in the romantic comedy, Sweet Home Alabama, and the crime drama, Heavenly Creatures.

Since her time on the show, Melanie has changed course slightly and is now focusing her attention on TV shows rather than movies.

We got a little insight into their lives in the show, but have you ever wondered what happened to the women of Two and a Half Men?

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As a former one night stand, Charlie thought that Rose was out of the picture as soon as she left the beach house, but how wrong he was!

While Charlie had no problems saying the three little words, Chelsea was less willing to let her heart go. Amazingly, Jennifer Taylor had a huge role in Two and a Half Men, and this exposure really helped her to carve a career in the world of Hollywood.

To win over her heart completely, Charlie proposes… After filming ended, Jennifer Taylor was lucky enough to score roles on major American TV shows.

While he wasn’t known for his faithfulness, it’s fair to say that Charlie had the most game out of the beach house residents – although that didn’t always work to his advantage.

In fact, 50 of Charlie’s past girlfriends turned up to his funeral to “spit on the body.” Yikes.Over the course of Two and a Half Men, we were introduced to dozens upon dozens of women, who all made an appearance in Charlie, Alan, Walden and Jake’s beach house and lives.

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