Rachel dating finn glee

13-Aug-2020 14:51

Rachel opens find your eyes to yourself in your bed on the auditorium stage of the Mc Kinley High School, obviously in a nightmare.

She grabs the brush and paints over them, while Kurt watched the episode ends when the camera is in the fruit garden that Brody gave Rachel.

Rachel is later seen in the dance class with Cassandra, calling her name, and ask if you can continue your error.

Then you hear the voice again, Sam tells him that he's in the boys shower in the locker room, as they are always there and they find the boy, who turns out to be Roderick in the library.

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Elle est malheureusement peu populaire dans son lycée et très peu de personnes l'apprécient, à cause de son perfectionnisme et de son ambition démesurée.

Rachel immediately told her that they were in the middle of the samples, but Madame Tibideaux your cuts and pointed out that you made them very clear.

As Rachel ends the song with the last note, the people in the audience gives her a standing ovation.

At the wedding, Rachel is entering, if Finn is getting dressed and sees Santana in the room to talk to him, even though they know what they are talking about.

After talking with Rachel, her producer met and tells him that the many shows are taking a toll on her, and she wouldn't want to be sick.Rachel and Santana enemy are rather insulting to other during the song-and vie for Elliott's attention.

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