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Characters generally make their strongest impressions on us as they fight through adversity.But if your character was born into a highly powerful caste or inherits some great power, that robs readers of the chance to see him prove himself.These discoveries translate into a useful methodology and tools for the development and deployment of prognostics and health management of industrial systems.The Center envisions the future of maintenance as a system that enables equipment to achieve and sustain near-zero breakdown performance with self-maintenance capabilities (self-aware, self-predict, self-compare, and self-configure), and ultimately to realize the autonomous transformation of raw data to useful information for improved reliability, productivity, and asset utilization.Spiderman gets his superpowers through a scientific accident, like his archrival Norman Osborn.The two also share a personal connection through Osborn’s son and, more importantly, they are moral foils.

For example, would an alien know how to use a doorknob? I think readers would sympathize with anyone who struggled with something like that. Don’t make your hero a Chosen One– give him a chance to prove himself.

(However, for a mainstream story, pushing the self-doubt too hard will drive the story into emo wangst territory).