Ps3 stuck on updating

01-Mar-2020 10:20

Instead, now you should hold down the “home” button on your Ipad.?

As soon as you click on "Download" button on Windows 8.1 download page, it starts the download process but after a few moments you receive following error message: There is no help or information given to troubleshoot this problem.

After I get an answer that helps mods, I will let it die away for all other discussion. For anyone else with this problem, this is the solution Steps:1)Turn off ps3's main power with the switch from the back2)Turn it back on, and while it's turning on hold the front power button until the green light switched to red3) Once the front light turns red, go ahead and hit it one more time to turn it on normally What this does is it restarts the installation progress.

It fixed my ps3 and yours is dead you should try it.

If you click on try again button, you get the same error message again.

ps3 stuck on updating-28

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I know the PS4's safe mode let's you apply an update through a USB drive like that.I don't think so, I'm going to give it a try now.A quick bit of research suggested that people having this issue in the past couldn't get into safe mode so I didn't try it.Bar GT6 on which I'd have to spend forever reclaing my porgress I mostly play Battlefield 4 and my online progress on there can carry over to the PS4, and with my birthday coming up within a fortnight I may be getting a little money anyway.

I followed this to the letter and it still gets stuck on 99% when trying to install from the USB after following all those steps. If it hangs at 99% again I'll just leave it overnight and see what those who have issues, have any of you tried a database rebuild?It'll save you time from calling sony and most likely is the solution to your problem!

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