Pretty girl dating ugly guy

19-Jan-2020 22:56

In case of women it is most of the time about the character and not about the physical beauty.

Off-course, they also like sexy face, masculine toned body, broad shoulders and butts, but this isn’t enough for them to fall in love with the guy.

In general the above questions have varied answers like maybe the guy is a millionaire (the most simplistic of all) or perhaps his personality is magnetic.

Maybe the guy is not so good in looks, but has a great sense of humor and displays high confidence levels then this can definitely attract a beautiful woman. The female tends to leave the physical feature privileging other virtues of men. Many times a man cannot be very handsome but has the gift of speech which at times can be the key to success. Less attractive guys are likely to develop other areas to make up for the lack of beauty.The inner beauty of many unattractive guys is the reason is why beautiful women choose ugly guys as husbands. But many of us want stable relationships, which also satisfies us intellectually and feel adored.Many men say it openly that they want beautiful women, but many beautiful women say openly that they want a devoted man who can be good looking or have average looks.Of course this is not a rule or anything like that, but they serve to gain perspective.

A handsome man will always bring problems of insecurity because there is always a bandit trying to catch your man.

I’m not saying that handsome guys cannot be good lovers, but some common guys without attractive faces are able to over perform when showing their love.

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