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The school AD came down on the side line and told him about it.He yanked me out of the game and sat me on the bench for the rest of the game. What is this note in my box that the boss wants to see me? One of the other farm hands sees me and says “your ass is grass” – you left a gate open and the herd got out.b: well if I am going to wear a uniform I guess we would have to get ready S: true b: how long of a session do you want?if you are free all evening – you could keep me overnight and give me several sessions including one the next morning before I leave S: that is possible too – you never know b: you can decide on the scene and let me know what all I need to bring with me S: my wheels are turning – I will set up the scene and send it to you along with what you need to bring S: pretty much just your uniform and ass b: ;-) S: and be ready for a long day and night of giving up your ass to my talents b: since we have plenty of time – we can do other scenes if you would like b: I think we will have lotsa fun S: ok S: oh yeah without a doubt S: so tell me about the last time you were whipped and what happened b: well those pics I sent you of me in the shorts were made Memorial Day weekend at IML b: I went and got spanked several times and even went to a spanking party S: nice b: those pics were of a strapping and caning session from a British guy b: at least 50 with the leather straps S: that's a good start b: at least 30 with the cane S: I have noticed that the British guys really have a thing for the cane b: yeah he really likes getting – but he knew how to give it too b: he was a shorter guy but he had a barrel like chest and could swing it good b: I got some really hard paddling at the spank party S: I use to whip a guy in ____ that liked to get caned b: one guy went a bit overboard with a paddle with holes and my butt was seeping a bit when he finished S: I don't like paddles too much – they do too much damage too soon b: which kinda put an end to more spanking for the night S: yeah that would b: but no perm damage – all the marks and bruises had faded in less than a week S: I spanked a guy a few months ago from ___ who I have spanked off and on over the years. Maybe he won't be too mad and I can work something out.S: 33 / 5'6“/ 150 LBS, BRWN HAIR/EYES/STACHE b: so you like to spank very hard and give real discipline?S: yes S: straight forward or role play but either way is no nonsense hard discipline b: how do you like a discipline session to go S: depends on the situation – but regardless of role play or straight forward, you will be stripped naked and go across my lap for a hard OTK with hand and paddle and then made to lay spread eagle on the bed for a very stern thorough session with the strap b: sounds very hot S: think you can take it?I ask him if he can punish me himself instead of arresting me. I am open to any scenes you would like to do and I have a good imagination and am willing to play other scenes as well. [END OF EMAIL MESSAGE] My potential Spanker sent me an email that a family member was coming to visit him and that he would not be able to host me overnight on the date we had scheduled. S: Yes S: like a real bad little boy should S: most likely more than once b: so which scene is first? It is up to you b: I guess which ever scene would be the least harsh and then progress to the harder scenes b: which do you expect would be the harshest ass blistering S: I would say the harshest besides the trip to the shed would be the letter to a new son since it describes starting out hard, continuing hard and making you cry continuously S: just plan on being naked a lot and having a very well whipped sore ass b: yes sir b: since you have medical training – you will know what my ass can take and when it can't take any more b: I want real punishment – but not damage S: you can trust me S: you will have a good time b: I do want to cry tears if it is possible without damaging me b: I do have a high threshold – and it hasn't happened more than once or twice b: other than when a spanker hit my balls with the strap b: and immediately tears came to my eyes S: I imagine so S: you can revert back to a little boy and make all the noise you want and know that it will not do you an good because I know what is best for your sorry little ass S: you will have welts and such but they will go away within a few hours of the end of the punishment b: that's cool b: when I was in Chicago Memorial Day weekend – I got caned, strapped and paddled S: excellent b: I had a few bruises – one of the paddles actually broke the skin – but within a week everything was back to normal S: here you can expect to be submissive and grateful for the discipline that you receive S: that happens once in a while but it usually does not cause any major damage that does not go away in a few days S: I usually bruise when I get spanked and it lasts for about 3 or 4 days and then it goes away S: and you would never know that I had gotten spanked b: several years ago – I got it one time and it took over a month to heal completely b: now that was too long S: yes, that is way overboard b: better to have several sessions and get to play for longer – than one severe one and the fun is over in less than 15 minutes S: exactly S: we will start with the Navy scene as planned and then the rest that we had thought up and end with the son letter the morning before you leave – how does that sound?

S: yeah – I have a barn as well b: oh wow b: you will have to take me to the barn for a real ass whippin S: done S: what do you want used on you there? Farm worker leaves the gate to a pen open and the herd of cattle escapes while he is on a leave day. I can't believe I let him upset me about the way I played in the first half – I can't believe I said “the other team is cheating and they must be sucking the cocks of those mother fucking refs because nothing is getting called against them”.

The other hand said that the boss had punished him before by giving him an ass whippin but that was not for an offense as severe as letting the herd get loose. I approach him and get on my knees and proceed to give him a blow job.

I don't know if you can get off with just an ass whippin but if you do – I bet that you will never forget to close a gate again. He pulls out his badge and tells me that I am under arrest. I will be disgraced because the local paper posts the names and offenses of all the arrests. He tells me that my dad should have beat my ass when I was a kid and that maybe I would have known better than to have sex in public. I am also looking forward to the physical inspection/ navy discipline scene. S: I am off all next week so what day do you want to come over? S: works for me b: if you have a preference of any other day – let me know S: Make sure that ass is ready for the blistering of a life time b: yes Sir S: I am going to give you a series of whippings like you have never had before S: and I noticed the reply to the guy about the first time son, I think we can act that one out as well b: you gonna make me cry?

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