Online blind dating sites consolidating p19

30-Nov-2019 11:26

As for the actual date, Jolliff likes to keep some form of control.

But since Jolliff can't read a date's body language, she tells her dates that they have to make the first move."I tell them...

Yet her dog can't help her swipe right or left on Tinder. They're also completely image-based, she says, meaning they don't reflect how she experiences life.

Taking pictures "isn't even something that crosses my mind," she says.

Jolliff knows she can never prove that someone is bowing out because of her disability, but some of the excuses - "my dog died" or a job opportunity that will take a few months to sort out - seem flimsy.

Overall, Jolliff has been pleasantly surprised with how potential love interests respond to her disability.

"I like being able to see how much effort a guy is willing to put into crafting his profile: Is he really serious about finding someone?