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Body Control Device I am willing to relent here a bit, but only with things that don’t relate to the bodies. id=4719) The Camera Warning: These animations are meant for 3rd person viewing.

Find the Edit Info button in the list to the right. Be aware that there is a 24 – hour cool down period for NPC’s, so you can’t stay in the same spot, having sex with same NPC’s continually. If you have the verbal skill to pass they dialogue test, then you will acquire followers willing to serve you.Under Mod Description, type a description of the mod inside the white box below. As a Pimp • You can recruit multiple NPC’s to work for you • The NPC will receive caps for each action they perform • The NPC will receive 25 caps a day • Player can pimp the NPC if they are following • NPC’s you are pimping have basic follower commands A newly recruited NPC will start working but will not follow you.(I tend to copy and paste the read me) You should also click on the Set Screenshot button and use a picture relating to the mod. This means they will offer blowjobs to anyone they talk to and get caps each time they suck someone off.Hopefully this problem will be fixed in the future. Just the thing if you have clothes from two or more different body mods. id=1098) The bodies in the control pack are the properties of the authors. If anybody would like to have his or her body mod included, contact me. After the sex animation ends, you’ll receive payment for your services. You can purchase these items if you have Animated Prostitution and Body Control installed.

This has been set up so that the base underline textures are not changed, allowing you to switch instantly between the Fallout base body and any of the nine bodies, which provide unique skin textures for each. Just go to Potomac Attire in Rivet City, and speak to Bannon. They can be interchanged so you can have the top and strap-on or top and dress or just the nighty; but still keep the underline naked body active. This allows you to wear clothes while searching for your next trick. Naouak gets full credit for making this body and the clothes. Naouak Female Body Replacer The Body Control can now Auto-pick from the 11 bodies for Female NPC’s that you encounter. If you don’t like this feature, use the Reset option so you can restore all NPC back to normal.

Sample pictures are located on the Animated Prostitution homepage under the tab, Images. Now you’ll be able to identify your mod with greater ease. Click on the empty box next to Animated Prostitution ESM. With the mod activated you can now: • Have sex for free with anonymous NPC’s • Pay for sex with anonymous NPC’s • Get paid to have sex with anonymous NPC’s • You bring NPC’s to your home for sex • You can pimp NPC’s to have sex for you Nova is one of the best prostitutes to start with. As of right now, renting a place at Moriarty’s or using your owned home are examples of available places. To pimp a whore, first make sure that the whore is following you.

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