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26-Jun-2020 02:48

Take the example of the City of Seattle’s backyard composting program. Begun in 1980, the idea was to teach the fine art of composting to as many homeowners as possible.Thousands, many of them first-time composters, joined the program and some 25 percent of the well-watered city’s organic waste was composted. But those using the city’s compost began to report problems with the use of their product.

But before we state the obvious, let’s look at the history of problems associated with commercial compost and the efforts to remedy them.As the often-heard saying goes, garbage in, garbage out.Contamination is only part of the problem with commercial composts.Of the hundreds of lawn and garden chemicals they tested for, four were found in significant quantities: captan, lindane, 2,4-D. The fact that Chlordane was found years after its use was banned by the U. Even less persistent pesticides such as Clopyralid tend to accumulate in garden soils that see regular applications of compost made of materials sprayed with the toxins. The Can O Worms provides a quick, odorless and space efficient way to convert kitchen scraps into rich, crumbly vermicompost.

Contains 3 large capacity working trays — no need to purchase additional trays!The commercial compost was sold by the yard to large growers and landscape services as well as in attractive bags at select home, garden and grocery stores. Clopyralid isn’t the only contaminant that buyers of commercial compost have had to worry about.

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