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Loftsails using high quality Dimension Polyant films considered as a leading film manufacturer.The BI-PLY colored monofilm are two films laminated together.The performance advantage of 3.5 and 4mil materials over 2mil xply was well established in tests the summer of 2015.Durability The HD version is the best choice for windsurfers looking for longevity, the normal version is more budget friendly.Note that our colored monofilms are actually bi-plys with colorants in the glue- their UV resistance very similar to X-ply's.

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with 6/7 battens the sail is quite stable and keeps its profile no matter how overpowered you are.

The Oxygen is a new acquaintance of mine, the 2018s are the first I've tried.

I havent sailed a no cam sail over 4.2 for years, and had no idea what I should expect.

It’s lighter than a wave sail of the same size, and this makes it more maneuverable.

The perfect sail when I want a relaxed sailing session, have fun and ride easy on the typical Tarifa summer conditions: medium to light winds and choppy.The standard internet safety tips are the most relevant here.