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28-Mar-2020 05:12

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End of the day though, I'm a straight forward and direct guy..

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Burgler - are you in a relationship while doing this?

And if not, would you stop if you were in a serious one?

I was pretty upset when I found this out yesterday and I reactivated my profile and sent him a message from it to confront him about it and told him we need to talk about his still being active on the site. Guys arguments include that they like the confirmation that they're still attractive, they are insecure, that they do it just to browse and mean no harm.

My feeling is that it shows that maybe I don't mean so much to him and am not as important to him as he is to me.And if I had been the one who stumbled upon it instead? So the difference between saying you're my girlfriend and we're exclusive is what, exactly?

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