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24-Mar-2020 01:38

And that leads to another form of performance, where white people deny the grotesque aspects of their heritage, or else detach from them with self-deprecating wokeness. “Your ancestor was beaten to death” by a slave, Henry Louis Gates told him. Cooper replied, “part of me thinks that’s awesome.”If these You Tube videos treat DNA testing with credence and awe, a Twitter meme parodying 23and Me results pokes at these tests’ specious scientific certainty and pushes back at the idea that these ethnic ancestral breakdowns say much at all about us and our place in the world.

One version plays off the lyrics to Meredith Brooks’s “Bitch,” editing a 23and Me results page to reveal a person who is 31 percent bitch, 9.2 percent lover, 17 percent child and 11 percent mother. Andrew Cuomo’s frequent rhetorical strategy of claiming membership to disadvantage groups, revealing his 23and Me results as 9.2 percent Muslim, 10.1 percent gay and 21.7 percent “woman trying to control her health.”These jokes ridicule the idea that anything truly relevant about our social realities can be measured to a fraction of a percent.

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But when the Try Guy Zach Kornfeld learns about his precise ethnic makeup — 99.6 percent European — he’s a little bummed.

It’s probably not a coincidence that these mechanisms of biological self-discovery are on the rise now, amid seething tensions over racism, immigration and what constitutes a “real American.” White supremacists are drawn to DNA testing to prove their racial purity, excitedly publicizing their exclusively European ancestries (or else dismissing any trace of outside DNA as a Jewish conspiracy.) But progressive white people seem to be using these services in a different way: as methods for performing racial harmony and assuaging white guilt.

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