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12-Oct-2019 03:25

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However, on the screen "Spec Reports" is still visible behind "PIF Control Menu" ("Spec Reports" is larger than "PIF Control Menu") and "PIF Control Menu has (apparently) put the application screen in some kind of frozen state (my best guess) because when I drag the form across the screen, it leaves a permanent trail. Show 'Control is left in this form End Sub'CLOSE PIF CONTROL MENUPrivate Sub cmd Close PIFControl_Click() Unload Me End Sub Private Sub User Form_Click()End Sub'PRINT SELECTED REPORTPrivate Sub btn Print Report_Click() On Error Go To Err Hndlr 'Print the 36 page report here '... " Unload Me Exit Sub Err Hndlr: 'If the error is caused by the cancel button Err. " Unload Me 'Else - there is another type of error Msg Box "Put your message here! Clear 'End If Unload Me 'Control back to PIF Control Menu End Sub'QUIT THE SPEC REPORT MENUPrivate Sub cmd Quit Spec Reports_Click() Unload Me End Sub DSI's helping a lot, I see. By design, Excel does not quit an instance of itself unless all external references are released; if a user tries to quit Excel manually, the application window is merely hidden so that the Automation client may continue working.

It will even cover the entire application if I keep dragging it. So I don't know if this helps or not; it's from someone else who hasn't seen your code: Tell him to look in all the Worksheet modules and workbook modules to make sure one of these Events aren't housing some code that is using the Sceenupdating. If, however, the Automation client attempts to make Excel visible again, the application window will not be displayed properly and repainting will not occur.

- bonus question..thanks My forms are "Spec Reports" and "PIFControl Menu". Thank you for your cooperation." _ & vb Cr Lf & vb Cr Lf & "Error Number: " & Err.

Number & vb Cr Lf & "Error " _ & "Description: " & Err. Repaint Unload Spec Reports Exit Sub End If When they hit the button to print, why don't you disable the Cancel button. Then, at the end of the print function, enable the buttons again.

Could you be explicit in your description of the problem.

Completely describe what is happening, including form names.

Does anyone know what it means when you show a user form on the screen, and when you move the form around with your mouse, it leaves a trail.

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Or does the form get unloaded only after the routine is finished (this assumes the routine is called FROM the form being unloaded). Please get " _ & "a screen shot of this message box (hit Print Screen or Alt Print Screen) " _ & "and e-mail the the screen shot to IS.

Now if it doesn't work, he can be sure it's the program or code and not a RAM/memory issue.

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