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The area where the Pokotia monument was found is a center of archaeological activity. Moseley, These ancient sites include Pukara at the northern end of Lake Titicaca, and Chiripa and Wankarani in Bolivia.

In this area archaeologist have found numerous sites where pyramidal figures resembling ziggurats. The ancient centers of this area are usually made in a u-shape.

The Pokotia signs are found on the right and left thighs of the figure.

The symbols on the Pokotia statue are read from top to bottom, right to left. Below are the inscriptions from the left side of the Pokotia stela.

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Throughout this inscription the Putaki oracle is called the "father".

The similarity between urudu and, yawri and ouri suggest that the Sumerians may have been the first people in the area to exploit the metals found throughout the Titicaca area and Bolivia.