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The actions moves ahead to 1989, where Selena y Los Dinos are playing a concert at a fair.Abraham is shocked when Selena peels off her jacket and performs in a beaded bra.Eight unauthorized biographies were released and six documentaries and two major companies were in the process of releasing a Selena film, all without consent from Chris Perez and the Quintanilla family.He believed an authorized film would "put an end to all the false rumors" that were circulating through the media at the time, and "silence [the media] from telling the wrong story." He wanted "the whole world to know the [true] story about [Selena]." A. spoke out the family's concern about possible "misinterpretation of [Selena], [their] family, and a culture" by outside sources and their belief that it was imperative to release their own official film about the singer.Back home, Selena learns from her father that Yolanda has been embezzling funds from the fan club.On March 9, 1995, Selena and her father, along with Suzette, confront Yolanda about the missing funds at a meeting.She persuades him to elope, saying it's the only way her father will ever leave them alone. The happy couple rides home in Selena's convertible, but a radio station announces their marriage and plays "Como La Flor" in celebration.Selena and Chris decide to hide out for a day so Abraham will have time to cool off.

The producers talk to Abraham about her soaring popularity and phenomenal record sales, and ask if she's ready to crossover into the English-speaking market.The touring band stops off at a roadside diner, where Suzette hears a radio announcement that "Como la Flor" has reached number one on the music charts; the band and family celebrate when Suzette returns with the news.