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“Early on in my career, I was told to make the same kind of album again and again, and when I didn’t do that, I lost support.

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A portion of the profits from this album will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.

As always, she pays tribute to her diverse influences and in these eleven covers, we hear them layered over one another.

Ndegeocello filters “Tender Love” through a folky, Californian filter and brings Vaudevillian accents to “Sensitivity”.

Initially held in regard primarily for her bass playing and bold lyrics, her songwriting, which often examined dark interpersonal issues, was just as exceptional.

Michelle Lynn Johnson, born on August 29, 1968, spent the first few years of her life in Germany.“Sometimes It Snows In April” has an extended intro, an accidental result of the band’s desire to delay the new and inevitable sadness of the song.