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14-Jul-2020 17:55

As per a source, So is it possible that Haas might be dating the blonde woman?

Maybe he is, but he has not officially spoken anything about the nature of their connection, which is why no major conclusions could be reached as of now.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, and ladies of LA – and probably around the world- Leo Di Caprio’s childhood friend from way back when to present (no really, he lives with him in his house).

You might recognise the name from Lindsay Lohan’s tramp note where she listed all the people she had slept with in Hollywood. Made a big mistake dating this guy on and off when I would be back and forth in LA- tried to keep it as just friend’s in the end after realising he was sleeping with tons of girls, and tons of those girls who I happened to actually know …

The success of these, as well as other projects; helped his finances the world of good, and he is known to be enjoying a net worth of million.

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Spies said the “Revenant” star arrived at the eclectic eatery with Horner, best pal Lukas Haas and another blonde.

Lucas was said to have been discovered by casting director Margery Simkin, at the age of just 5, while the actor was still in kindergarten.

He later went on to be recognized as the star of movies and projects like "The Revenant." "Inception," "Witness," "Red Riding Hood," and plenty more.

“The entire party was in baseball caps,” said a spy. Horner didn’t leave Di Caprio’s side.” But a source close to the star said the babe on Leo’s arm was just a Roxy lookalike.

“They were Lukas’ friends,” the source said of the women.You’ll see him trawling around the clubs in a baseball cap or and hair that needs cutting- badly.