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11-Jan-2020 03:44

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My position: Entry : 23962 SL :23300 TP : 24955 ** This is not a Buy/Sell recommendation ** ** ... HIGH RISK trade, remember this is against the major trend so place your stops accordingly. The Futures contract hit the bottom support line of the contracting triangle PERFECTLY - then reversed.

The target of 6900/7000 did not get reached, because it was getting bought at the lows yesterday.Bitcoin is currently trading below a side-wards support ... ","short_symbol":"(ETHUSD*99605652 XRPUSD*39189968239 BCCUSD*17142338 EOSUSD*873110765 ADAUSD*25927070538 LTCUSD*56652773 XLMUSD*18577573593 IOTUSD*2779530283 NEOUSD*65000000 TRXUSD*65748111645)\/100000000000","like_score":121,"image_url":"UUslji E6","user":,"current_user":,"result_score":121,"published_chart_url":"\/chart\/ETHUSD\/UUslji E6-Crypto-Review-May-29th-Taking-Profit-pattern-Range\/","id":4840254}' data-uid="UUslji E6" Hope this idea will inspire some of you !Don't forget to hit the like/follow button if you feel like this post deserves it ;) That's the best way to support me and help pushing this content to other users.I was glad to see in the comments that you have learned something that will hopefully help you take better decisions in your trades. First off let me say I am not a fan of Elliott Waves, now I know some traders rely solely on E. but as time goes on and they gain more experience those analysts will eventually come to the same conclusion as I have.

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Elliott Waves are subjective, I rely on very little wave analysis, I do take it into account, but I never base a trade solely on them. What's up traders, I hope you're all having a good trading week. This analysis is a follow up of my previous analysis (See related ideas for information on this analysis) and I recommend viewing the previous analysis to better understand this new follow up analysis.

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