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The captions are written on the following pages (listed next to the photo number) just as they were written in the album, so the style of English and the explanations are kept the same.They are obviously written from an Indian perspective.And it is time that people everywhere realize how numerous lies and false propaganda have been passed around as if it were the truth in regard to India and its past, as well as its art, archeology, and the wonder of its culture.India and its Vedic society was one of the preeminent civilizations of the world, as I explained in “.” Now, through the increasing amount of revealing evidence that is being uncovered, that greatness of India’s past and its contributions to the world are gradually being recognized.Whatever I may say about the photos are displayed in brackets [ ].Otherwise I let the captions and photos speak for themselves.Some say the Taj Mahal pre-dates Shah Jahan by several centuries and was originally built as a Hindu or Vedic temple/palace complex.Shah Jahan merely acquired it from its previous owner, the Hindu King Jai Singh.

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There is evidence that the Taj Mahal was never built by Shah Jahan.In fact, as recently as 1910, the Encyclopedia Brittanica also said that it was a pre-existing building before Shah Jahan..” However, other articles can be found on this CD that also explain some very interesting details.

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